Poured or pumped into an existing chimney, the Guardian mixture hardens to form an extremely durable barrier between hot flue gases and the masonry walls. The Guardian Chimney Liner® is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures without cracking or breaking down, and is an excellent insulator against excessive and dangerous heat transfer from the chimney to the surrounding structure. In fact, test results prove that the Guardian system is a better insulator than any other kind of flue liner of its kind.
As the Guardian mixture is poured into place, all cracks, crevices, and openings are sealed and solidified. This tight, virtually perfect seal helps prevent the leakage of any toxic flue gases into the living area. The Guardian material also fills and reinforces brick joints in the chimney structure, locking them into place and strengthening the entire chimney. Additionally, this lining material is highly resistant to damage caused by the natural "freeze-thaw" cycle, which is responsible for much of the damage to highways, bridges, and similar structures. In fact, laboratory tests revealed no evidence of surface deterioration when subjected to these extremes.
The Guardian Chimney Liner® is ideal for use with almost every form of heating appliance, whether it burns wood, coal, gas, or oil. The liner is poured to precise specifications so that the actual finished flue is properly sized for the individual heating appliance or fireplace. A Guardian liner makes your chimney safer, more efficient, and extremely resistant to corrosion and deterioration. You simply cannot buy anything better to safeguard your chimney.

The Guardian System also allows you to safely create two or more flues within one large chimney space, eliminating the need to vent two heating appliances into the same flue.
"When one of our clients demands the very best we only recommend Guardian. Whether we're relining a chimney in an average size home or mansion, this liner provides the best protection for them and ultimately us."

Mason's Chimney Service, Mickleton, NJ
"When we provide our customers with information about the different types of chimney liners we offer, most choose the Guardian chimney liner. Our customers appreciate the protection the system offers, and they also sense our confidence. We never hard sell; we just provide the facts and let the customer choose."

The Chimney Master, Gastonia, NC
"We had a Guardian liner installed in 1999 and had a chimney fire in March, 2009. The chimney sweep that cleaned and inspected the flue after the fire reported that the liner looked 'brand new.' I felt the Guardian liner would be OK because of the research I did when choosing a chimney liner in 1999, but the chimney sweep affirmed my confidence."

M. W., Fredericksburg, VA
"For over ten years Mad Hatter has used the Guardian system for chimney lining projects where performance and material quality is vital to the customer. We have been very satisfied with Firesafe's technical support and other products, and will continue to use Firesafe's products, especially FireGuard for the repair of open mortar joints."

Mad Hatter Services, Alpharetta, GA